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Time Warp

Cosmopop's flagship is Time Warp in Mannheim. It is Germany's most prestigious indoor techno festival and has been presenting the international artist avantgarde in electronic music since its inception in 1994. With its perfect synthesis of music, light and floor design, Time Warp is a unique, essential dance experience in the electronic music scene.

Since 2005, Time Warp has also been successfully presented abroad: After one-time stops in Prague and Vienna, the festival was established in the Netherlands in 2008 with editions in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. In 2011 and 2012, editions in Milan followed. Since 2014, Time Warp has regularly taken place in North and South America with several events in Buenos Aires, New York and São Paolo, with a new edition in Spain being added in 2024. With regular events on various continents and a large, worldwide fan base, Time Warp is one of the most internationally renowned and authentic electronic music festivals.

The largest alternative US weekly "Village Voice" heralded the first North American edition of Time Warp, calling it “the most prestigious techno festival in the world”. For its 20th anniversary, Time Warp went on a grand tour with more than 40,000 fans attending the festival’s premiere editions in South and North America, demonstrating the international standing and importance of the brand.

In 2019, the 25th anniversary "TW 25YRS" took place at the long-standing location and home base of the festival, the Mannheim Maimarkthalle.

The most significant export hit of Mannheim’s music industry

For a long time, Time Warp has been the biggest music-export for Unesco’s "City of Music" Mannheim and has been a successful ambassador for the city. No other music event has attracted so many international fans to the city, transmitting Mannheim’s reputation as a music city into the world.

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Time Warp sets the international standard for indoor festival production, line-ups and sound.The Sun
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