Screendesigner Wanted
We are currently looking for freelance screen designers to work with us on evolving our Time Warp website. What we are looking for is a new cutting edge, breath-taking and out of this world screen design for our new Time Warp website. We already have a workbench which we can share upon request. We built the structure and added the content. We are not finished, its a work in progress.
What we are missing is the screen design, the fine cut.

Our theme concept is strictly based on Web- e.g. HTML-Standards, CSS-Rules, basic principles for layouting and design like a layout-grid to define spacing and columns, typography, color themes a.s.o..

These basics are already build into the template and can be altered and customized to nearly anything you want as long as it follows these principles.

With the development of our basic theme we focus on functionality, usability, user experience and performance to build accessible, user friendly and fun to use web experiences so designers can focus on content and story telling. It's optimized for all screens, is SEO-ready and comes with a great variety of possibilities to create cool content views.

So, what we need is more like content- or viewport design and maybe CI-Management instead of a complete screen design. We're looking for someone who can straighten the typography and color concept, stage content to the viewport, build stories, design some cool graphics or icons and makes use of the possibility's that we can offer in our template concept.

Our maingoal is mobile first.

Here are some pages we build on the same system:

So if you're interested to add some spice to the Time Warp page, we would be more then happy to work with you.

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